Class: MarkerManager


A MarkerManager object.


The MarkerManager object is used to manipulate or interrogate markers in the system.

You can create new marker types (templates), modify, remove or add individual programmes markers.


 addNewMarker Adds a new marker into the system.
 addTemplate Add a new MarkerTemplate
 broadcastMarkerChangeEvent Causes DigiGuide to update what it knows about Markers and Programmes.
 doesTemplateExist Determine if the template name or id exists
 getMarkersByName Gets a list of Markers based on their marker name.
 getMarkersByProgName Gets a list of Markers based on their programme name.
 getMarkersByType Gets a list of markers based on their marker typeID
 getTemplate Returns a Marker Template given either the template name or it's ID.
 getTemplateList Get a list of MarkerTemplate objects
 removeMarker Removes the marker from the system.

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