Class Column : id Property

Integer id [read only];


The internal ID of the column


Column IDs should be unique.

In order to avoid conflicts with existing column we suggest using the following formula to generate a new column ID;


Where Y is the year (5 for 2005), MM is the month (12 for December, 01 for January), DD is the day of the month (25 for Christmas, 01 for new year), HH and MM are hours and minutes when you start writing you script (0030 for 30 minutes past midnight). So for this example we would get 501010030.

Never have a column ID less than 1000 unless you intend to override the behaviour of an existing column

Existing columns at time of writing have the following IDs.

1Full channel name
5Programme category or genre
6Full programme name
7Start date in format as defined in Windows Regional Settings Short Date Style
8Start time of programme
9End time of programme
10Programme duration in minutes
11VideoPlus number if appropriate plugin has been installed -- please refer to the web site
12Channel EPG number as defined in Change Your Channel
13Full day name of programme start date
14Marker icons applicable to the programme if any
15Programme series number if any
16Programme episode number if any
17Displays programmes that are currently showing
18Start date in format as defined in Windows Regional Settings Long Date Style
19Programme episode name if any
20Programme certificate if any
21Programme star rating if any