DigiGuide Programme Start Event

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DigiGuide has an internal one minute timer, when the timer fires DigiGuide checks for all shows starting and finishing. For each show that is currently starting a function called OnProgrammeStartA in your Add-In is called, passing the programme information in a DGE_PROGRAMME structure.


#include <windows.h>
#include <TCHAR.h>
#include "DGAddins.h"

extern "C" _declspec( dllexport )
void OnProgrammeStartA( const DGE_PROGRAMME* const pProgramme, HWND /*hwndParent*/ )
	TCHAR szBuffer[ 2048 ];
	wsprintf( szBuffer, _T("Addin Programme Starting: %s at %d:%d\r\n")
					, pProgramme->pcszName
					, pProgramme->stTimeStart.wHour
					, pProgramme->stTimeStart.wMinute );
	OutputDebugString( szBuffer );

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