DigiGuide Add-Ins Channel Menu

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When the user right-clicks a programme, if there is a function in your add-in OnPopupChannelMenuA then it will call this with two parameters, the first is a pointer to an array of CHANNEL_MENU_ADDIN structures for you to fill in, the second is a pointer to a DGE_CHANNEL structure containing details of the selected programme.

This function will be called twice, the first time the second parameter will be NULL, in this case the first parameter is a pointer to a UINT, set this to how many commands you want to add to the menu (including 0 if you don't want to add any commands). DigiGuide will then allocate an array of this many DGE_CHANNEL structures and call the function a second time, this time you can fill in this array with details of the menu commands you want to add, including a pointer to the function in your addin to call when the command is chosen.

It works exactly the same for the programme popup menu as well, calling a OnPopupProgrammeMenuA function with the structures PROGRAMME_MENU_ADDIN and DGE_PROGRAMME.

Download the add-in example Download DigiGuide Add-In Example