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BAFTA Nominations (Part 2)

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Written by Joe McDonald / April 12th, 2016, 1:30pm

Welcome back to part 2 of my picks of the BAFTA nominations, covering soap operas, live events, features and more. Just a reminder, there were a couple of categories I left out because I figured that option would be better than me pretending to know what I’m talking about. If you missed part 1, you can catch that here. And as before, here’s the article listing all the nominees. So let’s begin (or resume, I guess).


Drama series: Humans

The best new thing of the year. Humans was an unpredictable sci-fi ride which could be scary at times but it was also a character-driven drama exploring the relationship between humans and synths (robots that serve us in the future, at least in theory). The second series returns this year and I feel it should be greeted with the words ‘BAFTA winner’.


Soap and continuing drama: EastEnders

At the moment, it’s hard to see the good in the soap opera world with so much meaningless sensationalism. EastEnders delivered on some fronts though, bringing the ‘Who Killed Lucy’ mystery to an end, exploring the fall-out from the rape storyline and continuing to add new and returning members to the cast.


International: The Good Wife

OK I’m biased because I don’t know anything about the other nominees on this list. But if you haven’t seen the Good Wife yet, all six seasons are on Netflix. The legal drama emphasises character over plot, and it’s hard to stop binge-watching once you’ve started. Also you start commenting on legal procedure when watching other police and courtroom dramas. You have been warned.


Single documentary: Louis Theroux: Transgender Kids

It’s a tie between this documentary and ‘My Son the Jihadi’ but I can see this winning just because of the Louis Theroux name attached. There’s been a lot of focus on the transgender community in the last year so recognition from BAFTA would be another step in the right direction.


Features: The Great British Bake Off

I’m not sure what this award entails. Is it new? Whatever the case, I expect GBBO will be chosen to win just because of the insanely high ratings this show always brings in. They should probably rename this award though since it’s far too vague!


Live Event: The Sound of Music Live!

I don’t have high hopes of this programme winning. However a win here would hopefully encourage television channels to broadcast more programmes like this. One of the things missing right now from television are theatre experiences so ITV could do with some encouragement that this extravaganza shown just before Christmas worked.


Entertainment programme: Strictly Come Dancing

All the nominees deserve to win here but let’s be honest; it’s pretty much a competition between Strictly Come Dancing and Britain’s Got Talent. I’ve plumped for the former because Strictly pulled off another spectacular series last year, and the whole nation seems to catch the condition known as ‘Strictly fever’ whereas... have you ever met anyone who caught ‘BGT fever’. No, me neither.


Radio Times Audience award (voted by the members of the public who read the Radio Times. Presumably): Making a Murderer

This is the hardest category to predict because every nominee is great and deserves to win. However it would be great to see Making a Murderer win this one, since there’s no BAFTA award for online content at least as of yet.


So who do you think deserves to win? Have I got any of the nomination wrong? Who has been snubbed, I say, snubbed(!).  Be sure to watch the BAFTA television awards on May 8th to find out!

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