Holiday Swaps is a Travel programme.


Holiday Swaps

Carole Smillie returns with the show that gives irdinary people the chance to turn their holiday plans upside down, by swapping with complete strangers.

In the first edition, the Harte family like a bit of luxury on holiday, where everything is done for them. They claim that, for them, "roughing it" is when the room service doesn't make the bed. They were planning an all-inclusive holiday, a chance to lie by the pool, soak up the sun and eat and drink plenty in Kos.

The Austin family, on the other hand, like plenty of activity and just love sleeping under canvas. They had booked a rafting holiday in Sweden, a chance to relax and drift closer to nature. It was their idea of a perfect holiday, just build the raft, then go with the flow.

The two families have absolutely no idea what's in store for them until Carol introduces them and they exchange the holidays they have been planning.

Will the Hartes survive the Great Outdoors, nature's biggest hotel, restaurant and toilet? And how will the Austins cope with organised poolside activites, Greek night and dancing on the Mediterranean island of Kos?

Genre: Travel

Running Time: 30 minutes (approx)