Future Now is a Technology programme.



Future Now

Gavin Lowe and Jessica Whittaker present a series that checks out the gadgets, gimmicks, gizmos, innovations and inventions that could affect our lives in the near future.

This technology show is a 12-week series and is set in a futuristic home.

Throughout the 12-week run we will be shown products, ideas and prototypes which may, or may not, be a daily part of our lives at some point in the future.

The programme will also be giving the totally unique opportunity for any inventors out there, and viewers, tp promote their inspiratiion and try and turn their dreams and inventions into a real life product.

We will be taking a look at aspects such as a talking shopping-trolley, the latest hi-tech toys for children, amazing garden gadgets and much more.

Genre: Technology

Running Time: 30 minutes (approx)