The Jerry Springer Show is a Talk Show programme.

The Jerry Springer Show is a 3 star programme

Image for the Talk Show programme "The Jerry Springer Show"

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The Jerry Springer Show

Jerry Springer is renowned for being the king of talk shows with his star status, the crowds cheer for their favourite talk show host.

His show is one of a kind as he approaches programmes named; "Honey, I'm A Prostitute", "Bizarre One Night Stands", "Sexy Secrets Unveiled", "Scandalous Confessions" and "Invasion Of The Ex-Lovers".

These controversial subjects are what keep the public interested in this outrageous show, the guests behaviour and language keeps the audience amused for hours as guests feel so passionate about the issues being discussed.

With popular heavy man, security guy Steve, and Jerry's philosophical "Final Thought" this sensational show remains ever popular.

Also known as "The Springer Show"

Genre: Talk Show

3/5 Stars