Time Gentlemen Please is a Sitcom programme.

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Time Gentlemen Please

In a run-down pub, a small minded landlord known as the 'Governor' or 'Guv' has some very old-fashioned views on how a pub should be run. His staff include a rather useless young lad and a loud-mouthed Australian, Janet. In the second series, Janet has returned to her homeland and has been replaced by Connie, a student who previously worked at Guv's rival pub.

Generally afraid of foreigners or newcomers, Guv is most happy with his small but loyal group of regular punters. These include; a desperate alcoholic called Terry, a bachelor nicknamed Prof, a scruffy old man they call Pops, and a biker called Leslie who usually sits in the corner with his girlfriend, Lesley.

Guv can often be seen as a surprisingly sensitive man. The pub is his pride and joy and he is forever dreaming of the day when he can get his car park, beer garden and carvery.

Genre: Sitcom

Running Time: 30 minutes (approx)

Main Cast

Image for Phil DanielsPhil Daniels
Image for Julia SawalhaJulia Sawalha
Image for Emma PiersonEmma Pierson
Image for Al MurrayAl Murray
Rebecca Front
Jason Freeman