The Savages is a Sitcom programme.

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The Savages

This new sitcom, from Simon Nye and the award-winning team behind "Men Behaving Badly", finds Adam (Marcus Brigstocke) and Jessica Savage (Victoria Hamilton) struggling to remain sane, decent and in love against formidable odds in the shape of their two tiny children, Adam's father Donald (Geoffrey Palmer) and the destructive pressures of modern life.

Award winning stand-up comedian Marcus Brigstocke (The Now Show, We Are History & that Crunchie advert) plays Adam, with critically acclaimed actress Victoria Hamilton (Victoria and Albert) as his resilient wife, Jessica.

Following the lives and loves of the Savage family. It takes a warm, truthful and funny look at the stresses and pleasures of family life.

Once they were two - now Adam and Jessica are at the centre of a storm of small children, grandparents and work.

Adam is a successful cartoonist who has a cartoon strip in a national newspaper, working from home and who sometimes panics in the face of his own children ("Don't take this personally, but you've ruined our lives"). He also admits that the stresses of having a young family mean that the only book he reads nowadays is "Pingu Buys A Fish".

Jessica struggles to maintain a firm grasp on life, juggling motherhood, her job as a travel agent, her husband and her husband's father. They discover that parenthood ("It's like being an adult, but more so"), is incompatible with dignity.

The pair are forced to deal with the prospect of wearing a nappy as an example to stop their child wetting the bed; a small daughter who starts drawing sickeningly violent pictures; and an ex who walks back into Jessica's life - better-looking, richer and smelling nicer than the father of her children. And when Adam befriends a mouse, it could be a sign that he needs to get out more...

To help through the trials and tribulations of everyday life are his father, Donald; his brother, Mark and his best friend (although a wayward one), John.

In the first episode we see Adam and Jessica getting rather exhausted by their children, so decide that the best thing for it is to get more childcare.

However, after a hectic day out with the kids at the zoo, Adam's frazzled father decides that an au pair would be by far the best option

Genre: Sitcom

Running Time: 30 minutes (approx)

Main Cast

Image for Geoffrey PalmerGeoffrey Palmer
Graham Turner
Gresby Nash
Image for Marcus BrigstockeMarcus Brigstocke
Image for Victoria HamiltonVictoria Hamilton
Liberty Morris
Jake Fitzgerald