Son of the Beach (2000)

This sitcom is a spoof of 'Baywatch' with the silly antics that you may see if you cross Police Squad and Get Smart. This is certainly a very silly show, but also very humorous, produced by Howard Stern you will get what you expect.

Legendary lifeguard, Notch Johnson (Timothy Stack), doesn't let anything slip him by; he is the king of his beach patrol and is intimate with every inch of it. He is joined by his fellow life saving colleagues.

The rest of Notch's team include; B.J Cummings (Jamie Bergman) who is a part-time model and currently holds the beach record for the number of lives she's saved with her mouth-to-mouth technique. Chip Rommell (Roland Kickinger) is a foreign exchange lifeguard from Germany, with his magnificent pecs Chip is the resident babe magnet. Kimberlee Clark (Kimberly Oja) is the new fresh face, and extremely overqualified (and too intelligent), one of the crew. Finally there's Jamaica St. Croix (Leila Arcieri) an inner city native, Jamaica became a lifeguard in memory of her brother, who was gunned down in a swim-by shooting, and brings a fresh attitude and caring heart to the team.

One last name that should be mentioned of course is the very sinister and manipulative city Mayor, Mayor Anita Massengil (Lisa Banes) who is dead set on bringing Notch down a peg or ten and she'll sink to the lowest of depths to do this. What on earth has he done to deserve this woman scorned?

Genre: Sitcom

Running Time: 30 minutes (approx)

Production Year: 2000

3/5 Stars

Main Cast

William Katt
Maureen McCormack
Frank Sinatra Jr.
Cindy Ambule
David Graff
Jamie Bergman
Morgan Brittany
Amy Weber
Leila Arcieri
Roland Kickinger
Jaime Bergman
Lisa Banes
Alan Thicke
William Schallert
Cindy Williams
Timothy Stack
Kimberly Oja