12 certificateMy Name is Earl is a Sitcom programme that first aired in 2005 and has been classified a 12 certificate.

My Name is Earl is a 4 star programme

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My Name is Earl (2005)

Earl J. Hickey is a petty crook with the occasional run-in with the law who wins a $100,000 lottery ticket, however soon after winning Earl is hit by a car and the ticket is lost. Whilst watching television in hospital Earl develops a belief in Karma and decides to make a list of all the bads things he has ever done and one by one begins to make amends for them.

Genre: Sitcom

Production Year: 2005

4/5 Stars

Classification: 12 Certificate

Production Country: USA

Main Cast

Image for Jason LeeJason Lee...Earl Hickey
Image for Ethan SupleeEthan Suplee...Randy Hickey
Image for Jaime PresslyJaime Pressly...Joy Turner
Nadine Velazquez...Catalina
Eddie Steeples...Darnell, Darnell Turner
Trey Carlisle...Earl Jnr, Earl Jr, Earl Jr.
Mike Cochrane...Crab Shack Patron, Crab Shack Regular
Louis T. Moyle...Dodge
Louis T Moyle
Noah Crawford...Young Earl
Dale Dickey...Patty, Patty the Daytime Hooker
Gregg Binkley...Kenny James
Abdoulaye NGom...Nescobar-A-Lop-Lop
Timothy Stack...TV's Tim Stack, TV's Tim Stack
Mike O'Malley...Officer Stuart Daniels, Stuart
Billy Gardell...Billy, Officer Hoyne
Bill Suplee...Willie, Willie the One-Eyed Mailman
Image for Abdul GoznobiAbdul Goznobi...Iqball
Alyssa Milano...Billie, Billie Cunningham
Nancy Lenehan...Kay Hickey