Jam and Jerusalem is a Sitcom programme.

Jam and Jerusalem is a 4 star programme

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Jam and Jerusalem

The ladies of the guild may need to boost their numbers, but unfortunately not everyone sees baking cakes and knitting as their scene.

Sal, the local practice nurse, lives at the centre of the community. But she goes out of her way to avoid being recruited by the Guild's leader, Eileen, at every step.

Things change, however, when her husband dies suddenly of a heart attack. After the funeral and as the initial sympathy falls away, she begins to feel neglected and alone.

In a bid to stop rattling around her empty house and avoid the local Grieving Group counsellor, she decides it's time to stop sleeping in the dog basket, get a haircut and take stock of her new life.

And where better to start a new life than the local Women's Guild?

As well as reuniting old chums Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French, Jam and Jerusalem stars Sue Johnston as Sal, and Joanna Lumley as the formidable and only slightly loopy Delilah Stagg.

Pauline McLynn - better known as father Ted's Mrs Doyle - plays Sal's best friend Tip, while Sally Phillips is her hippy daughter Tash, whose circus skills don't add any gravitas to her already skimpy CV.

And David Mitchell leaves Robert Webb to carry on with the game of Monopoly without him, while he plays Sal's sensible doctor son James.

The title music is 'The Village Green Preservation Society', performed by folk singer Kate Rusby, and originally written and performed by The Kinks.

Genre: Sitcom

4/5 Stars

Main Cast

Image for Clive RussellClive Russell
Marcia Warren
Rosie Cavaliero
Image for David MitchellDavid Mitchell
Image for Simon FarnabySimon Farnaby
Salima Saxton
Paul Anka
Menna Trussler
Image for Tim VineTim Vine
Image for Ellie KendrickEllie Kendrick
Alex Roe
Geoff Breton
Robbie Richardson
Elanor Grimes
Thomas Assafuah
Patrick Barlow
Image for Tamsin GreigTamsin Greig
Image for Sue JohnstonSue Johnston
Image for Joanna LumleyJoanna Lumley
Patricia Potter