Happiness is a Sitcom programme.

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Mid-life crisis, tragedy, getting hammered with your mates - it's all part of the search for true happiness, as Paul Whitehouse stars in a new comedy drama series.

Danny Spencer (Paul Whitehouse), left widowed when his wife dies in an accident, approaching 40, going bald and feeling the burden of a mid-life crisis coming on.

His best friends seem happy enough - Rachel (Fiona Allen), an ex-girlfriend, is pregnant with her second child and is married to Terry (Mark Heap) who is totally unsympathetic to Danny's dilemma's.

Sid (Pearce Quigley) and Charlie (Johnny Vegas) are good drinking pals but they really are a pair of "sad tossers" (for want of a better word ;o). And as for Angus (Clive Russell), he's 10 years older than Danny and the epitome of mid-life crisis man - all drink, drugs, young girls, fast cars and nipple piercing.

In the very first episode we see Danny already established in his professional life as the creator and voice of an animated Plasticene Bear called Dexter, who is a huge success. Danny hates the fact that Dexter is famous and loved by everyone - and he isn't.

Danny is also facing up to personal tragedy, but with not much success at all. Danny is ashamed to find that, instead of grief, he has creeping sense of freedom. Seeking refuge down the pub, his friends chip in with their version of wisdom.

Genre: Sitcom

Running Time: 30 minutes (approx)

Main Cast

Image for Clive RussellClive Russell
Image for Mark HeapMark Heap
Image for Paul WhitehousePaul Whitehouse
Pearce Quigley
Fiona Allen
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