Family is a Sitcom programme.

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The first instalment of this four-part drama by 1993 Booker Prize-winner Roddy Doyle about a troubled family on a working-class Dublin estate.

Each film concentrates on one member of the family - the Spencers - beginning with the father, Charlo. A charmer and a hoodlum, he loves his wife and children, but his violent behaviour at home and his criminal activities outside are pushing them all to breaking-point.

In "John Paul" we focus on the 13-year-old son. John Paul's behaviour at school deteriorates because of the problems at home. His parents continue to fight, and the police are after his father, so he decides to run away with his friend Fats

In the third installment, entitled "Nicola", the drama centres around the life of the Spencer's 16-year-old daughter, Nicola. After leaving school she gets a job in a sewing factory. She has a boyfriend and is starting to spend more time away from home. But her father is jealous of her new independence and is unable to let her go.

In the final edition of this superb drama, entitled "Paula" we get the chance to meet the mother of the clan. Paula Spencer is struggling to survive after throwing out her husband.

She has a drink problem, and her 14-year-old son is giving her trouble, but she gets herself a cleaning job and hopes she can hold the family together

Genre: Sitcom

Running Time: 30 minutes (approx)

Main Cast

Image for Pam FerrisPam Ferris
Sean McGinley
Ger Ryan
Neili Conroy
Barry Ward
Gemma Butterly
Jacob Williams