Faith in the Future (1995)

This excellent sitcom has a wonderful range of characters which all have hilariously funny problems reflecting day to day life; but on a more extravagant level.

The main character Faith (Lynda Bellingham) has an assorted amount of problems the first worry being that no one will remember her birthday. This is the least of her problems when she goes to the surprise party arranged for her only to find that a tree has crushed her flat. This accident leads to her having problems with the builder Mark (Ivan Kaye) who she fancies. The story continues with her problems whilst trying to live with Paul (Jeff Rawle). Then she finds her long lost daughter Zoë, whilst still having trouble with Hannah her other daughter (Julia Sawalha).

Hannah has other problems as well as fancying the builder Mark and then falling for her tutor. Although fancying these men she decides to take a vow of celibacy, which proves rather more difficult than anticipated and which she breaks when on a weekend away.

Her other problem is Jools (Simon Pegg) who is obsessed with her. He himself has his own issues like starting up his own band, which turns into a very popular comedy act. He invites Hannah on holiday, which she eventually decides to accept, after all of the trauma and neglecting with her sister turning up.

The series finishes with lots of open ends, which promise to be tied up with the same humour in the next series.

Genre: Sitcom

Production Year: 1995

3/5 Stars

Main Cast

Lynda Bellingham...Faith Grayshot
Image for Julia SawalhaJulia Sawalha...Hannah Grayshot
Image for Jeff RawleJeff Rawle...Paul Cooper
Image for Simon PeggSimon Pegg...Jools
Image for Christopher VilliersChristopher Villiers...Harry
Emma Bernard...Caroline
Charlie Creed-Miles...Jools
Ivan Kaye...Mark
Robert Swann...Gareth
Ben Pullen...Nick
Tricia George...Jill
Neil Conrich...Dave
Susannah Wise...Zoe
Fran├žois Domange...Gerard
Image for Rupert Penry-JonesRupert Penry-Jones...Sam
Romolo Bruni...Waiter
Barry Woolgar...Mike
Miranda Forbes...Rosemary
Danielle Lydon...Susie
Michael Greco...Ben Chapman