Dani's House is a Sitcom programme.

Image for the Sitcom programme "Dani's House"
Picture: BBC

Dani's House

Surreal sitcom about a struggling actress, continuously left in charge of her annoying younger brother Max, his none-too-bright sidekick Ben and their youngest sibling - the baby from hell.

Genre: Sitcom

Main Cast

Image for Phil CornwellPhil Cornwell
Lil' Chris
Millie Innes
Mason Freeman-Bartley
Lil Chris
Fem Belling
Sebastian Applewhite
Klariza Clayton
Harry Culverhouse
Toby Alexander
James Holmes
Zoe Salmon
Image for Matt Di AngeloMatt Di Angelo
James Gandhi
Darragh Mortell
Image for Dani HarmerDani Harmer
Shaun Williamson
Philipa Peake