Dani's House is a Sitcom programme.

Image for the Sitcom programme "Dani's House"
Picture: BBC


Dani's House

Surreal sitcom about a struggling actress, continuously left in charge of her annoying younger brother Max, his none-too-bright sidekick Ben and their youngest sibling - the baby from hell.

Genre: Sitcom

Main Cast

Image for Phil CornwellPhil Cornwell
Klariza Clayton
Harry Culverhouse
James Gandhi
Lil Chris
Fem Belling
Zoe Salmon
Image for Dani HarmerDani Harmer
Shaun Williamson
Mason Freeman-Bartley
Darragh Mortell
James Holmes
Philipa Peake
Lil' Chris
Millie Innes
Toby Alexander
Image for Matt Di AngeloMatt Di Angelo
Sebastian Applewhite