Chef! is a Sitcom programme.

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Comedian Lenny Henry stars in this sitcom as Gareth Blackstock, a top British chef with a temperamental and often explosive mood.

Set in the highly respectable Le Chateau Anglais restaurant in the English countryside, Gareth is dedicated to cooking the perfect cuisine. He is undeniably talented, but unfortunately he embodies all the worst qualities of someone in his profession - poor people skills.

Gareth has an endless supply of inventive insults for anyone from paying customers to hard-working staff - including his childhood friend and commis chef, Everton. The only person managing to avoid most of Gareth's insults is his patient, professional wife, Janice. But there is only so much even she can tolerate.

Genre: Sitcom

Running Time: 30 minutes (approx)

Main Cast

Caroline Lee-Johnson
Roy Hattersley
Erkan Mustafa
Shelley Minto
Tim James
George Khan
Patty Hannock
Samantha Edmonds
Fran├žois Domange
Benjamin Forster
Vincent Nemeth
Jo Martin
Simon Slater
Elizabeth Ann Bennett
John Surman
Derek Hutchinson
Matthew Byam Shaw
Eugene Cheese
Albert Roux
Gary Parker