Caroline in The City is a Sitcom programme.

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Caroline in The City

Set in New York this sitcom follows the ups and downs of Caroline Duffy's (Lea Thompson) life.

Coming from a Mid West State of America, Caroline moved to New York to succeed as a cartoonist. She did this with huge success after managing to turn the comic strip that she had created "Caroline In The City" into a merchandising goldmine. This strip is based on her life and the people in it.

This sitcom follows Carolines humorous view on life which is also expressed in her comic strip. It follows her relationships with her assistant Charlie (Andy Lauer), her trampy nextdoor neighbour Annie (Amy Pietz) who's always ready to give out advice on the manhattan dating scene. Her boss, and ex-boyfriend, Del Cassidy (Eric Lutes) and on/off relationship with her personal assistant Richard Karinsky (Malcolm Gets), which often gets infuriating to watch as everything seems to get in the way of the two actually getting together as a couple.

Often described as squeeky clean and difficult to dislike this sitcom delighted the channel network CBS by knocking Friends off the top of the ratings table.

Genre: Sitcom

Main Cast

Paul Castree
Ralph Manza
Jeff Garvin
John Mariano
Cameron Watson
Tim Conlon
Adam Ferrara
Mark Feuerstein
Morey Amsterdam
Sam Gilfadi
Lauren Graham
Erice Lutes
Joseph Bologna
Image for Meshach TaylorMeshach Taylor
Cathy Ladman
Ping Wu
Mike Burger
Elisa Heinsohn
Gerry McIntryre
Kenny Williams