Samantha a beautiful witch falls in love with advertising executive Darrin Stevens and marries him and tries to give up the witchly life to live in suburbia. Her family will not accept this especially Endora, her fiery mother.

Thus the hapless Darrin finds himself in many hair-raising escapades engineered by Sams family designed to show her how unworthy he is.

Genre: Sitcom

3/5 Stars

Main Cast

Elizabeth Montgomery
Dick York
Agnes Moorehead
Agnes Moorhead
Ann Prentiss
Stuart Margolin
Image for Scatman CrothersScatman Crothers
Hermione Baddeley
June Lockhart
Image for Adam WestAdam West
Image for Bill MumyBill Mumy
Jonathan Harris
Image for Cecil KellawayCecil Kellaway
Michael Ansara
Bernie Kopell
Glenda Farrell
Allen Jenkins
Maureen McCormick
Robert Cummings
Alan Oppenheimer