Action Team is a Sitcom programme.

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Action Team: Push the Button

Series 1, episode 6

Directed by (unconfirmed)
James De Frond

The World is brought to its knees as Vlad prepares to activate the Antelopes Tail. Panic sets in, as no one truly knows what activating the device will do and with no Action Team to call on, the World seemingly has no hope. Ruth Brooks is removed from duty by her U.S equivalent - Gemma Stone who attempts an all-American raid on Vlad's fortress. But Vlad's tricks throw them off course. Luckily, Huxley and Logan break the Abacus code and call on Ruth Brooks to bring Action Team back together

Cast (unconfirmed)

Tom Davis
Vicky McClure
Jim Howick
Laura Checkley
Kayode Ewumi
Image for Derek RiddellDerek Riddell
Charlie Rawes
James De Frond
Jon Jennings
Andy Brereton