Nude TV is a Series programme.



Nude TV

Nude TV is a fast and furious new series which provides a close-up on the body parts that other shows don't reach, lifting the lid on a world of belly button phobia, armpit sex and obsessive nose picking.

The series provides a rare and informative insight into the complexities of the human body, exploring every inch of our mighty torsos, offering enlightening and revealing explanations to such burning questions as why an "innie" rather than an "outie" belly button develops on different people.

Tamara Beckwith, Jo Guest and comedian Jeff Green are amongst a host of celebrities talking about and showing off forgotten parts of their anatomy. Nude TV gets up close and personal with a look at eyebrows, nipples, navels, bums, wrists, toes, testicles, thumbs, lips and noses.

Supported by a fantastic soundtrack, funny archive clips, fascinating facts and statistics, these revelations will have viewers shouting in disbeleif, staring in envy or just recognising their own secret abnormality. Either way, each episode is set up to be a talking point and make other people think very differently about their bodies.

In "Nipples", while glamour model Jo Guest is proud of her nipples, everyone else seems to want to change theirs, removing hair, getting piercings or just hanging bells off them.

In "Balls" Nude TV continues its intimate and fascinating tour around the human torso, stopping to explore the delicate area affectionately called Balls. Viewers can find out what it really feels like to be kicked in the nether regions, and discover why some people choose to have such sensitive areas pierced in this informative and revealing programme.

Genre: Series

Running Time: 15 minutes (approx)