The Brain with David Eagleman is a Scientific Documentary programme.

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The Brain with David Eagleman

Dr David Eagleman explores how the brain conjures up the world we take for granted. This episode explores how the brain gives rise to thoughts, emotions, memories and personality. We see how the process of becoming 'you' starts at birth. The brain of a newborn baby is not yet fully developed, but grows and shapes itself around life experience. Wiring up begins immediately, as the child's brain starts to adapt to whatever situation - culture, habitat, language - it's born into. This allows humans to flourish in any stimulating environment, but a lack of social contact and stimulation can result in permanent brain damage. Dr Eagleman tests the social stress levels of teenagers as their brains go through profound changes, meets London cabbies whose intense training to memorise street maps physically alters the shape of their hippocampus, and joins a group of elderly nuns who are defying the symptoms of Alzheimers by keeping their brains active and building up 'cognitive reserve'.

Genre: Scientific Documentary

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)

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