How to Build a Human is a Scientific Documentary programme.


How to Build a Human

Gemma Chan, the star of critically acclaimed drama series Humans - which returns to Channel 4 tomorrow - explores the frontiers of research into Artificial Intelligence, and builds an AI version of herself, in this exploration of cutting-edge technology. Is the future depicted in Humans - in which Gemma plays a 'Synth' - just around the corner, or already here? Almost every facet of modern life is already filled with intelligent programmes, called AIs, that excel at individual tasks. None of them yet shares a human's incredible range of abilities, but some of the greatest minds of our generation are tackling this challenge.

Genre: Scientific Documentary

Running Time: 50 minutes (approx)

When is How to Build a Human next on TV?

It's next showing on Channel 4 October 29th, 9:00pm and on Channel 4 Plus 1 October 29th, 10:00pm. See more...