Destination Space is a Scientific Documentary programme.

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Destination Space

This scientifically based documentary series takes a blend of science fact and science fiction which takes the viewer on a voyage of exploration to the furthest-known reaches of space.

If the visionaries, scientists and entrepreneurs had their own way, space will no longer simply be the domain of the astronauts.

Instead, it will be possible for everyone to jump on the next shuttle, work on space stations and take holidays on the moon and Mars.

The programme takes the perspective of US astronaut Michael Foale, who worked tirelessly to keep Mir afloat, outlines the many risks involved.

Space is a dangerous and hostile environment for humans. American astronaut Michael Foale can attest to this - he shares his harrowing experiences on the critically damaged Russian Mir space station. But Mir is starting to look like history as it is superseded by the recently launched space station.

The new era of bold spacecraft designs is making all things possible, if we are to believe the visions created by government space programmes and entrepreneurial companies. It seems that the possibility of lunar colonies and mining asteroids for water and precious metals could be realised in the near future - not to mention manned expeditions to search out our extra terrestrial chums.

Genre: Scientific Documentary

Running Time: 30 minutes (approx)