The Invisible Man is a Science Fiction Series programme that first aired in 2000.

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The Invisible Man (2000)

Directed by
Michael Grossman
Joshua Butler
Jay Tobias
Greg Yaitanes
Ken Girotti
James A. Contner
Bill L. Norton
Boris Damast
Ian Emes
Bruce Seth Green
Jeff Woolnough
Breck Eisner
Adam Nimoy
David Jackson
Ian Barry
George Huang
Martin Wood
Adam Davidson

The Invisible Man was created by Matt Greenburg and stars Vincent Ventresca as Darien Fawkes, a former thief who is released from jail in exchange for undergoing an experiment. This experiment involved the implantation of a "quicksilver" gland inside his head which secretes a substance called quicksilver, with light-bending properties that make him invisible.

Unfortunately for Fawkes' The gland's creator sabotaged his creation in a way that causes the release of a neurotoxin that builds up in his bloodstream causing pain and psychosis. The problem can be controlled with a counteragent but his supply is controlled by a government agency who wants Fawkes to work for them and opposes the removal of the gland which they consider highly valuable.

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Genre: Science Fiction Series

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)

Production Year: 2000

Main Cast

Vincent Ventresca...Darien Fawkes
Paul Ben-Victor...Robert Albert Hobbes
Shannon Kenny...Claire Keeply, Claire Keeply/The Keeper, The Keeper/Claire Keeply
Eddie Jones...The Official/Charles Borden
Michael McCafferty...Albert Eberts
Joel Bissonnette...Arnaud De Fehrn, Arnaud de Thiel/Arnaud de Ferhn
Spencer Garrett...Jarod Stark
Idalis DeLeon...Allianora, Allianora/Helen Black
Image for Brandy LedfordBrandy Ledford...Alex Monroe
Alex Wexo...Connor
Greg Fitzpatrick...Filip, Terance Lymon
David Burke II...Kevin Fawkes
Jonathan Eisley...Agent Smith, Guard, Hitman, Intruder
Sonya Eddy...The Maid
Charles DeFazio...Monitor Agent, Orderly
Joseph Kell...FBI Agent Jones
Image for Zoe McLellanZoe McLellan...Dr. Kate Easton
Hugh B. Holub...Fullerton
Chris Eckles...Lambert
Jeremy Roberts...Huiclov, Huiclov De Fehrn