Seven Days

This drama series is about a renegade CIA operative who can prevent world disasters before they happen by travelling back in time by one week.

When something utterly catastrophic happens, the NSA turns to Project BACKSTEP to prevent it from happening.

Using parts scavenged from the Roswell UFO, they build a time machine capable of sending ex-CIA operative Frank Parker a week back in time to alter history for the better.

Also known as "7 Days"

Genre: Science Fiction Series

Running Time: 45 minutes (approx)

Main Cast

Christopher Neame
Benjamin Ratner
Eric Gerleman
Image for Alex VeadovAlex Veadov
Marc Baur
Kevin Hayes
Chuck Kovacic
Jenna Lyn Ward
James Staszkiel
Thomas Mills
James Geralden
Stacey Stone
Jerome Butler
Anne Bellamy
John Christy Ewing
Leslie Hopps
Tim Bissett
Kevin Christy
Image for Ursula BrooksUrsula Brooks
Richard Stay