Fringe is a Science Fiction Series programme that first aired in 2008.

Fringe is a 4 star programme

Image for the Science Fiction Series programme "Fringe"

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Fringe (2008)

Chilling paranormal drama centred around a female FBI agent who is forced to work with an institutionalised scientist in order to rationalise a brewing storm of unexplained phenomena.

Genre: Science Fiction Series

Production Year: 2008

4/5 Stars

Production Country: USA/Canada

Main Cast

Image for Anna TorvAnna Torv...Agent Olivia Dunham, Olivia Dunham, Olivia Dunham/Alternate Olivia Dunham
Image for Joshua JacksonJoshua Jackson...Peter Bishop
Image for Jasika NicoleJasika Nicole...Alternate Astrid Farnsworth, Astrid Farnsworth, Astrid Farnsworth/Alternate Astrid Farnsworth, Astrid Farnsworth/Esther Figglesworth
Image for John NobleJohn Noble...Dr. Walter Bishop, Dr. Walter Bishop/Alternate Walter Bishop, Dr. Walter Bishop/Walternate
Image for Blair BrownBlair Brown...Alternate Nina Sharp, Nina Sharp, Nina Sharp/Alternate Nina Sharp
Image for Lance ReddickLance Reddick...Agent Phillip Broyles, Alternate Phillip Broyles, Phillip Broyles, Phillip Broyles/Alternate Phillip Broyles
Image for Kirk AcevedoKirk Acevedo...Agent Charlie Francis, Charlie Francis
Michael Cerveris...September, The Observer
Seth Gabel...Alternate Lincoln Lee, Lincoln Lee, Lincoln Lee/Alternate Lincoln Lee
Image for Mark ValleyMark Valley...John Scott
Michael Kopsa...Cap. Windmark
Image for Leonard NimoyLeonard Nimoy...Dr. William Bell, William Bell
Ryan Alexander McDonald...Alt Brandon, Alternate Brandon Fayette, Brandon
Lily Pilblad...Ella, Ella Blake
Ari Graynor...Rachel, Rachel Dunham, Rachel/Kelsey
Jared Harris...David Robert Jones
Jacqueline Beaulieu...Nina's Assistant, Nina's Assistant
Sebastian Roché...Thomas Jerome Newton
Shaun Smyth...Anil
Georgina Haig...Henrietta Bishop