Defying Gravity is a Science Fiction Series programme that first aired in 2009.

Defying Gravity is a 2 star programme

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Defying Gravity (2009)

Four women and four men hurtle through space with nothing to do for six years and eight billion miles, except maybe solve a powerful and awesome mystery. Maybe, just maybe, some of them will even hook up.

Defying Gravity is a sexy, provocative thriller set in the very near future against the backdrop of our solar system, in which the eight astronauts from five countries undertake a mysterious six-year international space mission on the spaceship Antares.

They can't run from karma, however, as their past actions reveal intimate and interconnected relationships that have a strange effect on the present. As the astronauts travel towards Venus, we travel into their past with flashbacks to earlier years from the grueling selection and training process. What could have happened?

Maybe there is something to this fate thing after all.

Genre: Science Fiction Series

Production Year: 2009

2/5 Stars

Production Country: USA/Canada

Main Cast

Andrew Airlie...Mike Goss
Karen LeBlanc...Eve Weller-Shaw
Image for Christina CoxChristina Cox...Jen Crane
Ron Livingston...Maddux Donner
Image for Malik YobaMalik Yoba...Ted Shaw
Paula Garcés...Paula Morales
Florentine Lahme...Nadia Schilling
Zahf Paroo...Ajay Sharma
Eyal Podell...Dr. Evram Mintz
Dylan Taylor...Steve Wassenfelder
Image for Laura HarrisLaura Harris...Zoe Barnes
Image for Ty OlssonTy Olsson...Rollie Crane
William Vaughan...Arnel Poe
Maxim Roy...Claire Dereux
Peter Howitt...Trevor Williams
Lara Gilchrist...Sharon
Bob Paris...Bertram Rep, Beta Team Member, Beta Tech
Nicole Muñoz...Palestinian Girl
Leanne Adachi...Suki Cho - Fdo
D. Neil Mark...Walker