Blake's 7 is a Science Fiction Series programme.

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Blake's 7

Set 700 years in the future, a small group of rebels take on the totalitarian Terran Federation which rules Earth and other colonised planets.

Genre: Science Fiction Series

Running Time: 55 minutes (approx)

When is Blake's 7 next on TV?

It's next showing on Forces TV Tomorrow, 8:45pm and on Forces TV May 24th, 2:50am. See more...

Main Cast

Michael Keating...Vila Restal
Paul Darrow...Kerr Avon
Peter Tuddenham...Orac, Slave, Zen
Jan Chappell...Cally, Cally/Zelda
Jacqueline Pearce...Servalan, Supreme Commander Servalan
Gareth Thomas...Roj Blake, Roj Blake/Clones
Steven Pacey...Del Tarrant, Del Tarrant/Deeta Tarrant
Image for Josette SimonJosette Simon...Dayna Mellanby
Sally Knyvette...Jenna Stannis
David Jackson...Olag Gan
Glynis Barber...Mutoid, Soolin
Stuart Fell...Dortmunn, Goth Warrior, Guard, Gunman, Hommik Warrior, Labourer, Link, Sarran, Trooper
Harry Fielder...Federation Trooper, Guard, Scavenger, Security Guard, Trooper
Pat Gorman...Death Squad Trooper, Federation Trooper, Freighter Captain, Guard, Helot, Hommik Warrior, Scavenger, Trooper
Brian Croucher...Space Commander Travis, Travis
James Muir...Federation Trooper, Guard, Helot, Link, Monster, Pirate Guard, Rebel
Derek Suthern...Big Wheel Customer, Federation Trooper, Guard, Hommik Warrior, Scavenger, Space Princess Guard/Passenger
Ridgewell Hawkes...Big Wheel Customer, Goth Guard, Guard, Hommik, Menial, Rebel
Reg Turner...Guard, Prisoner, Rebel, Trooper
Mike Mungarvan...Big Wheel Customer, Guard, Helot, Prisoner, Rebel Technician/Federation Trooper