The Lie Detective is a Reality Show programme.

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The Lie Detective

Deception expert Dan Ribacoff brings couples, exes and hopeful singletons together for the most honest heart-to-heart of their lives. Joseph dated stunning model Abena for eight months. But he spent more time with his mystery 'cousin', which led to major truth issues for the couple. Can they get over it and fall in love again? Jaz and Kelly have been happily married for 18 months. They don't take life too seriously, but it's time for them to have a serious talk about the future. Five years ago, professional gambler Michael seduced hairdresser Emma with his 'McDonalds Rap'. Was he the right person at the wrong time?

Genre: Reality Show

Running Time: 50 minutes (approx)

When is The Lie Detective next on TV?

It's next showing on E4 October 26th, 12:05am and on E4 Plus 1 October 26th, 1:05am. See more...