They Think It's All Over is a Quiz Show programme.

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They Think It's All Over

Nick Hancock presents the quiz show that tests wit and sporting knowledge.

Team captains David Gower and Gary Lineker are joined by regulars Rory McGrath and Jonathan Ross.

This is a superb, but laddish, satirical sports quiz show.

The show is presented by the brilliant Nick Hancock and the team captains are the very posh David Gower and the big-eared crisp-toting Gary Lineker.

Both the captains are aided and abetted by comedians such as Lee Hurst (although he has now been replaced by Jonathan Ross) and Rory McGrath, and then either a comic or a sports person to make up the numbers in the team.

Games, or rounds, they play include; "Goal Celebrations" where the teams try and work out how footballers celebrate the way they do when they score a particular goal.

"Sporting Excuses" see the teams struggling to try and guess the excuses as to why a certain team lost at something - beleive me it's usually *very* stupid.

"The Injuries Board" is a satirical cross between "A Question of Sport's" Picture board. The team captain must pick anumber between 1-12 and try to guess how the pictured object injured a famous sportsman.

Created by : Bill Matthews and Simon Bullivant for Radio 5.

Genre: Quiz Show