Shooting Stars

This post modern quiz show is hosted by the spectacular duo Vic Reeves (Jim Moir) and Bob Mortimer.

The set up of the show consists of two teams of three celebrities including two team leaders, along with the world's biggest baby George Dawes - 'The Man With The Scores' (Matt Lucas).

Every week games included : True or False, Club Singer, The Dove from Above, Light Take Your Flight, I Really Want To See Those Fingers and the finale where even if the teams got the answers right - it never mean't that they would get a point for it. The lucky winners always went home with such worthy items as Bob Hoskins' mask.

Hosted by: Vic Reeves & Bob Mortimer (Randall & Hopkirk Deceased, Families At War)

Genre: Quiz Show

1/5 Stars

Main Cast

David Faustino
Fred Travalena
John Saint Ryan
Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
Denny Miller
Richard Bakalyan
Edie Adams
John Randolph
Don Calfa
Lurene Tuttle
Herb Edelman
Billy Dee Williams
Robert Webber
Frank McRae
Kathleen Lloyd
Parker Stevenson
Victoria Spelling