Fifteen to One is a Quiz Show programme.

Fifteen to One is a 3 star programme

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Fifteen to One

Fifteen to One means just that. Fifteen contestants start with three lives, and try not to lose them by answering questions incorrectly.

The first round begins with each contestant being asked two questions, if they answer one wrong they lose one life, but if they answer both incorrectly they are automatically disqualified.

Round two, involves the contestants answering questions, but this time if they answer correctly they get to nominate another player, and try and catch them out. This round continues until there are only three contestants left.

A single point is then given for every life the player had left before, and then three new lives are given for the final round. The contestants then have to try and answer as many questions as possible to try and get the most points, there are forty questions and each one is worth 10 points.

The first questions are on the buzzer, but when someone gets over thirty points it changes to 'Question or Nominate'. This gives contestants a chance to build up their scores, lose three lives though and you are eliminated. When there is only one person left, they can carry on to answer as many questions as possible, to get the highest score they can.

At the end of the series the top fifteen contestants with the highest score battle out the ultimate show, to play for a prize and the satisfying chance to be the "Fifteen to One" champion!

Presented by : William G. Stewart

Based on an original idea by John M. Lewis

Also known as "15 to 1"

Genre: Quiz Show

3/5 Stars

Main Cast

Sandi Toksvig
Stuart Harrison