Call My Bluff is a Quiz Show programme.


Call My Bluff

Call My Bluff is a television show in England that goes out, seasonally, every weekday in England on BBC 1 at about midday. It is hosted by the longtime host of Blockbusters1, Bob Holness. It's a 30-minute quiz show with two teams, one led by Alan Coren, the other by Sandi Toksvig, and two guests per team.

Bob will set a word like 'viburnum', or 'pirlique', and each member of one team will define the word. Two of the definitions however, are bluffs. Based on the descriptions, one member of the opposing team must then choose the definition that they think is most likely to be correct. If they are right, then they score a point; if not, then the opposing team gets the point. However, the main appeal for the show comes from the way the teams present their definitions. They tell rambling little two-minute long stories about how they were doing something or other when they suddenly had cause to use a fratmeritskal, or when they had occasion to go to a reskitportel, or even wear a footling turtlingdrome. The idea is to be funny, and to also make the opponent a little more skeptical about each of the descriptions. It's a good show, and well worth watching. Not only can you be heartily entertained by Sandi Toksvig's verbal flights of fancy, but you can seriously expand your own vocabulary.

Genre: Quiz Show

Running Time: 30 minutes (approx)