Grizzlies of Kamchatka is a Nature programme.


Grizzlies of Kamchatka

As far as Ursus Arctus Horribilis is concerned, the received wisdom is that man and bear give each other a wide berth. However, Charlie Russell and Maureen Enns have other ideas. They've taken themselves off to the ends of the earth (alias the Kamchatka Peninsula) to get right in amongst the grizzlies and challenge some misconceptions about them.

Because of our fear of bears, we tend to eliminate them from areas of human habitation. If bears are not to become extinct, we need to find ways of co-existing with them. This is what Charlie and Maureen strongly believe. What's more, they say, the fear felt on both sides by man and bear is largely caused by conditioning.

Bears are intelligent, sensitive creatures who respond negatively towards aggression. If you encounter a bear, speak to it in a calm, sincere voice, say the researchers. This will reassure the bear that you mean it no harm.

Charlie and Maureen hope eventually to take the findings from their research and apply them in their Canadian homeland.

Genre: Nature

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)