M.I. High is a Kids Drama programme that first aired in 2007.

M.I. High is a 2 star programme

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M.I. High (2007)

Children's spy drama. Spy handler Frank is honoured and totally bowled over when he is invited to join a top-secret order, the League of Mata Hari. But the curious spies cannot help but probe, and their meddling leads them to a criminal conspiracy deep within MI9 that includes top brass. The team risk their careers and their lives to lead the purge of the traitors.

Genre: Kids Drama

Production Year: 2007

2/5 Stars

Production Country: UK

When is M.I. High next on TV?

It's next showing on CBBC October 30th, 7:00pm. See more...

Main Cast

Chris Stanton...Mr. Flatley, Mr. Flatley/Dave Flatley, Mr. Flatley/Walter Dainbridge
Rachel Petladwala...Rose Gupta
Jonny Freeman...Frank London, Frank London/MI9 Officer 1940's
Channelle Owen...Mrs. King, Mrs.King
Charlene Osuagwu...Carrie Stewart
Ben Kerfoot...Oscar Cole
Sam Melvin...Scoop Doggy
Jenny Huxley Golden...Avril Franklin
Eliza Cummings-Cove...Davina Berry
Joseph Cocklin...Donovan Butler
Julian Bleach...Grand Master, Grandmaster, The Grand Master, The Grandmaster
Anthony Genas...Homie Apathy
Jonathan Rhodes...Chief Agent Stark
Oyiza Momoh...Aneisha Jones, Aneisha Jones/Emily
Sam Strike...Daniel Morgan, Daniel Morgan/Billy
Oscar Jacques...Tom Tupper, Tom Tupper/Jack
Natasha Watson...Zoe
Paul Bamford...Roly Donaldson
Josh Haynes...Byron Ditchwater
Bel Powley...Daisy Millar