All at Sea is a Kids Drama programme.

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All at Sea

New three-part series in which a group of celebrity landlubbers embarks upon a journey along the south coast of England in a variety of different boats from luxury yachts to fishing trawlers. Richard Madeley, Dawn Porter, Nick Hancock, Rosemary Shrager, Bradley Walsh and Mark Durden-Smith split into two groups of three for their voyage.

Genre: Kids Drama

Running Time: 40 minutes (approx)

Main Cast

Anson Boon
Molly Kay
Juliet Charlesworth
Madeleine Brettingham
Theo Graham
Maia King
Simon Holland Roberts
Matthew McGreevy
Adam Greaves-Neal
Sam Hattersley
Olivia Cosgrove
Ryan Wilkinson
Milly Zero
Sophie Coward
Paul Riordan
Kate Coogan
Georgia Steel
Joe Lindley
Lorraine Breen
Connor Phillips