Time Team Special is a History Documentary programme.

Time Team Special is a 4 star programme

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Time Team Special

Seven hundred years ago the world's first lunatic asylum opened for business in Bishopsgate, London. It soon became known as Bedlam Hospital. Even today, it's a name that conjures up images of madness and terror. And as Tony Robinson discovers in this Time Team Special, Bedlam's reputation is quite justified. The abuses that went on here in the name of medicine were enough to drive the most robust individuals to extreme mental health problems. Now, thanks to the redevelopment of Liverpool Street station for London's Crossrail, a new dig beside the site of the original hospital is uncovering numerous bodies in a medieval graveyard. Time Team sets out to find an archaeological link between these grisly discoveries and the notorious madhouse. Tony Robinson delves into the historical archives to learn more about the patients who were locked away here and what happened to them.

Genre: History Documentary

4/5 Stars

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