Time Team Special is a History Documentary programme.

Time Team Special is a 4 star programme

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Time Team Special

In 2012, the eyes of the world were focused on the London's East End as it prepared to host the Olympic Games. Cutting-edge engineering and design transformed the Olympic Park. But 150 years earlier, the world was watching for a very different reason, although the spectacle on display was as high-tech as anything on offer today. The East End was once home to the most advanced shipbuilding industry - and best workers and shipyards - in the world. A century and a half ago, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Britain's most famous engineer, was about to launch a ship five times bigger than any built before, the most revolutionary vessel the world had ever seen: the SS Great Eastern. But this launch was a disaster. Brunel went from hero to laughing stock overnight, as his leviathan stuck on the slipway. Brunel died not long after.

Genre: History Documentary

4/5 Stars

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