Time Team Special is a History Documentary programme.

Time Team Special is a 4 star programme

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Time Team Special

More4 celebrates Yorkshire Day by screening programmes with a connection to the county, including this look at the House of York's pivotal role in the history of the nation. The Battle of Bosworth was the decisive battle of the Wars of the Roses. It was the beginning of the end of three decades of treason, rebellion and dynastic warfare. Against huge odds, Henry Tudor won the day to take the English Crown. Tony Robinson discovers that archaeologists' finds are changing the entire understanding, not just of this iconic battle, but the very nature of warfare at this time. In order to test these theories the team build and fire some replica cannon, and deploy sophisticated cameras to examine the grisly remains of soldiers killed in the Wars. The conclusions they draw radically change the romantic picture-book view of medieval warfare being ruled by knights in shining armour.

Genre: History Documentary

4/5 Stars

When is Time Team Special next on TV?

It's next showing on more4 August 1st, 3:45pm. See more...