Tales from the Tower

The Tower of London has been both a royal palace, and a place of torture and execution for traitors - not to mention those individuals whose existence had simply become an inconvenience to the monarch of the day.

This mini-series tells some of the gory stories of the Tower's victims.

In "The Deadly Crown" The 'little princes', Lady Jane Grey, Anne Boleyn, Guy Fawkes, Sir

Walter Raleigh and many other unfortunates are investigated.

For a thousand years, the Tower of London has been both a glittering symbol of royal power and a deadly place of royal revenge. The treachery and intrigue that took place within its walls was at its most cruel during the political struggles of the Tudor and Stuart monarchies but executions took place there as recently as World War I, when several spies were victims of the firing squad.

In this episode we unravel some of the Tower's hidden horror stories, in the tales of 'The Devil's Dancing Bear', 'Nine Days A Queen', the 'Wailing Monk' and 'Colonel Blood'. Intrigued? You should be...

The second edition is entitled, "The Vengeful Tower". The bloodcurdling reputation of the Tower safeguarded the crown and enforced the Royal Will - but its power was often abused. The tales of the 'Warden Wolf and Woman', Wat Tyler, Judge Jeffreys and 'Stephen and Matilda' show the Tower at its most unforgiving.

As well as protecting the crown (and the head that wore it), The Tower was guardian and enforcer of the Royal Will. But it wasn't only the monarch that put the Tower to effective use when it came to implementing regimes. Meet some of the more ruthless men and women who, in their positions as keepers, judges and even wardens, abused the power that the Tower gave them.

Find out the true extent of the Tower's unforgiving nature - especially when it was betrayed by one of its own.

"Spies and Traitors" is the last episode in the series marking the transition of the Tower from Royal Palace to prison in the 1500s. During the reign of Elizabeth I, the Tower became the centre of a deadly game of counter-espionage - imprisoning, torturing and executing the State's most dangerous enemies.

Tales From The Tower reveals just some of its stories of treachery and revenge: The Spymaster, Black Books, Henry Lauren and The Weatherman.

Genre: History Documentary

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)