She-Wolves: England's Early Queens is a History Documentary programme.

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She-Wolves: England's Early Queens

Historian Dr Helen Castor explores seven queens who challenged male power, despite the prevailing wisdom in the medieval and Tudor world that God intended only men to rule. In 1308 a 12-year-old girl, Isabella of France, became queen of England when she married the English king. A century later another young French girl, Margaret of Anjou, followed in her footsteps. Both these women were thrust into a violent and dysfunctional England and both felt driven to take control of the kingdom themselves. Isabella would be accused of murder and Margaret of destructive ambition - it was Margaret who Shakespeare named the She Wolf. But as Helen reveals, their self-assertion that would have seemed natural in a man was deemed unnatural, even monstrous in a woman. episode 2.

Genre: History Documentary

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