Hitler is a History Documentary programme.



More4 presents the definitive guide to the world's most evil dictator, who was responsible for the total destruction of Europe and the horrific genocide of millions of people. The final episode explores Hitler's mental and physical decline as he was forced to confront the endgame of inevitable defeat. When the Führer miraculously survived an assassination attempt, his lust for vengeance triggered an unequalled reign of terror. His military gambles proved disastrous and accelerated his downfall. As the Army refused to counterattack and his closest allies turned against him, Hitler finally accepted the inevitable. In the depths of his Führer bunker in Berlin, he rewarded his hidden mistress of 13 years with marriage - then fewer than 40 hours later asked his valet for his gun and pulled the trigger.

Genre: History Documentary

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)

When is Hitler next on TV?

It's next showing on more4 May 27th, 8:00pm and on more4 May 28th, 1:20am. See more...

Main Cast

Ward Bond
Paul Fix
Russell Hicks
Warren Hymer
Dorothy Tree
Bobby Watson
Felix Basch