Hitler is a History Documentary programme.



More4 presents the definitive guide to the world's most evil dictator, who was responsible for the total destruction of Europe and the horrific genocide of millions of people. This episode investigates Hitler's transformation from Fuhrer of the German people into the megalomaniac Nazi messiah who triggers the global carnage of World War II. Experts analyse his behaviour and body language to reveal the clues to Hitler's secret thoughts as he launches storming invasions of Poland, France and Russia, driven by his belief in his divine mission to save Germany. The programme explores how his mastery of PR spin deceived the world with a carefully crafted image of a country gentleman at his farmhouse in the Bavarian Alps, as he prepared to do battle with the 'degenerate' US.

Genre: History Documentary

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)

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Main Cast

Ward Bond
Paul Fix
Russell Hicks
Warren Hymer
Dorothy Tree
Bobby Watson
Felix Basch