Disappearing Britain is a History Documentary programme.

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Disappearing Britain

Three part history documentary series in which well-known actors investigate aspects of Britain's social heritage which have disappeared from modern life. The series contains rare archive film of Thatcher-era Britain, with a commentary and interviews with the general public.

The first episode sees Sarah Lancashire take a trip back to her home town of Oldham, to recapture the days when Blackpool was the pleasure capital of the North and every worker headed for the beaches once a year for a week's holiday.

In the second episode Ricky Tomlinson charts the development and the eventual destruction of the coal mining industry, a subject with personal resonance for him.

In the final episode Wendy Craig explores Britain's long love affair with tea, hoping to rediscover the rituals and traditions that are gradually disappearing from British life.

Genre: History Documentary

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)