Treasure Hunt

Former BBC newsreader Kenneth Kendall helps two ordinary rich people to solve five devious cryptic clues in order to guide "Sky runner" Anneka (later replaced with tennis ace Annabel Croft), transported by helicopter, around the five places of interest, usually on a 20x20 km map, within 45 minutes.

Part of the game was that although they could communicate with Anneka via a two-way radio link, they couldn't actually see her. An unintentional difficulty factor was that the radio communications would sometimes break up, completely by accident, at unfortunate times.

In the studio, the players have access to lots of reference works and they'll need them because the clues are somewhat cryptic. For example, one clue once was: "In a Seahawk, in a Seahawk, in a Seahawk." the contestants had to work out that an airbase in the area was known as the HMS Seahawk, and at that place was an actual Seahawk plane and inside that was a small model of a Seahawk plane, and the clue was in that. Often homonyms, anagrams, double meanings and other connotations needed to be solved, with a bit of quick research each time, to solve the clues.

The show was infamous for Graham the Cameraman's need to film Anneka Rice's bottom. In jump suit as well! However, it was a groundbreaking game too, and one of Channel 4's most popular shows of the era, regularly clawing in 7-8 million viewers.

For most of the run of the series, back at the base was TV-AM weather girl and zoologist Wincey Willis who gave help in the shape of time checks, giving out the clues in the studio, telling the contestants what the sky runner was doing and giving the hint to the Treasure at the top of the show. Part of her job was to track what the helicopter was doing on her big map board.

What made the show entertaining were the things Anneka had to do to earn the clues and the treasure. Most of the time they just had to go to a certain place, but sometimes the clue is on a character on stage at a packed performance, under the water, in the middle of an Army Assault Course obstacle - that kind of malarkey.

Even when the contestants were stuck on clues, there was always plenty to look at. The view from the helicopter was interesting (Graham the cameraman always doing his "low shot" to perk up the proceedings), and Anneka tried her best to chip in with solving the clues wherever possible. Bless her.

Highlights of the show came when the sky runner was sent packing around foreign lands, including the South of France. In the final series, Anneka Rice was replaced by tennis-player Annabel Croft.

Problems with the Show :

The main problem with the format was that if there was only 3 minutes on the clock, and that the next location was miles away, we just knew they weren't going to make it.

Famous CatchPhrase :

"Stop the clock!" said by the Sky runner after finding next clue.

Based on the French show La Chasse aux Trèsors.

The theme tune was called Peak Performance, and was composed by Zack Lawrence. The sky runner's helicopter had the registration G-BHXU (pilot: Keith Thompson).

A Treasure Hunt book and board game was also produced.

Presented by : Kenneth Kendall

Sky Runners : Anneka Rice (1983-1988), Annabel Croft (1989)

Adjudicators : Anne Meo (1983), Annette Lynton (1984), Wincey Willis (1985-1989)

Cameraman : Graham Berry

Video Recordist : Frank Meyburgh

Description provided by : Michael Godridge email :

Genre: Game Show

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)