Temptation Island

In the latest in a long life of real-life compelling tv programmes comes Temptaion Island.

The idea behind this 'show' is for four couples to put their relationships to the ultimate test.

THe couples are: Mandy, 22 and Billy, 26. Valerie, 20 and Kaya, 28. Shannon, 26 and Andy, 26. Ytossie, 34 and Taheed, 29.

The couples are taken to a remote, and beautiful, island off the coast of Belize for two weeks of putting their love-lives in the hands of fate.

When there, the couples are told that they are to be seperated and put on different ends of the island.

They will spend the two weeks with a large group of 'singles' of the opposite sex who have been hand-picked to meet the couples ideals of an ideal mate.

The 'singles' sole purpose is to seduce them and lead them into temptation, they'll soon discover exactly how strong, or how weak, their relationship truly is!!!

But can you bear to witness the sexual meanderings of couples with nothing to win and everything to lose?

Genre: Game Show

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)