Friends Like These is a Game Show programme.



Friends Like These

Ian Wright brings his irrepressible energy to BBC ONE's popular Saturday night show. The show tests friendships to the limit as two teams (boys vs girls) of best mates fight it out for the chance to win the holiday of a lifetime. The pressure is on not to let your mates down as contestants are asked who really needs Friends Like These?

Each week, the skill and ingenuity of the teams is pushed to the limit in a series of specially designed head-to-head challenges. But winning is no guarantee of a ticket to paradise.

To ensure their place in the sun, each member of the winning team has to pick a mate to decide their fate. If the friend answers a personal question about them correctly, they're off on a plane to paradise. If they answer incorrectly, they're put on the train back home.

Ian Wright, First Division football's top goal-scorer in 1991-92, played for Crystal Palace, Arsenal, West Ham, Nottingham Forest, Celtic and Burnley and was capped 33 times for England. He retired from the game in July 2000 and since his television debut in January 1998 he has forged a Premier League career as a TV presenter.

Live & Kicking's velvet-voiced invisible man, Mitch Johnson, explains the rules.

Friends Like These is produced by Samantha Hornick and Iain Hollands and series produced by Mike Agnew. The original series presented by Ant and Dec.

Genre: Game Show