Fort Boyard is a Game Show programme.

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Fort Boyard

Filmed on location this high energy game show is located on a remote fort in the middle of the sea off the north-west coast of France.

The destructive Boyard (Leslie Grantham) challenges a different team of 6 each week, who are fool enough to brave his challenges in order to win a pot of The challengers task is not an easy one, for to get the gold they must first confront their biggest fears, test their strength to the limits and pit their wits against Boyard, the fort and the games within it.

With the help of their gaurdian angel, Melinda Messenger the teams must pass from one challenge to another to win keys which will enable them to unlock Boyard's vault.

The games are designed to confront the challengers worst fears. Be they heights, falls, savage animals, insects, and more. They will almost certainly set your heart racing and your knees banging.

You've certainly got to be brave to survive and escape and even more so if you want a crack at winning.

Presented by : Melinder Messenger, Leslie Grantham & Geoffrey Bayldon as the Professor.

Genre: Game Show