18 certificateDog Eat Dog is a Game Show programme and has been classified a 18 certificate.


Dog Eat Dog

Ulrika Jonsson hosts this new, prime time Saturday night game show. Dog eat Dog is an exciting, edge-of-your-seat contest which offers contestants the opportunity to fight it out for the chance to win £10,000, and the only way to win the prize money is to eliminate the opposition.

Six strangers, who meet for the first time on a 24 hour activity day prior to the show, are asked to use the knowledge they have amassed on the day to nominate a fellow contestant to complete one of four studio challenges. They nominate the person they think is least likely to succeed, hoping that the selected condidate will fail and be eliminated from the game. However, if the selected contestants succeed, then they are given the opportunity to eliminate the contestant who had the audacity to vote for them.

The final two contestants go into a head-to-head in round five to decide who is Top Dog. And, in the final twist, the winning contestant takes on all the losers in a general knowledge quiz. The Top Dog chooses which of the losers has to answer a question from a general knowledge category - if they choose wisely then the £10,000 is theirs.

Presented by : Ulrika Jonsson

Produced by : Mike Agnew

Executive Producer : David Young

Genre: Game Show

Running Time: 45 minutes (approx)

Classification: 18 Certificate


Image for Ulrika JonssonUlrika Jonsson...Presenter