Catchphrase is a Game Show programme that first aired in 2012.

Catchphrase is a 3 star programme

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Catchphrase (2012)

First aired in 1986, this quiz show is renowned for being the only game show without questions.

Contestants, from around the country, compete to find familiar expressions and well-known sayings hidden in the brand new, computer-generated animation.

The main aim, of course, is the opportunity to win big holidays and cash prizes. The latest series has included a new round in the game, called the "Cash Countdown Round".

Before each round one of the two contestants stops a random flashing light, which will highlight which cash amount each round will be worth. Next comes the puzzle, this is presented to the contestants in an animated form on a huge TV screen in front of them and then it is a race against each other to see who guesses the related catchphrase first. If they are correct they win the points, if not then the other contestant gets the chance to correctly answer the clue.

After each puzzle the person who correctly answered gets the chance to have a go at the "Bonus Catchphrase". This catchphrase is covered by nine squares and each time you visit the Bonus Catchphrase you get the opportunity to uncover one of these squares and take a guess at what the catchphrase is. If the contestant gets it wrong then they go back to the normal catchphrase round and play for another chance to reveal another square and guess. If, on the other hand, the contestant guesses the bonus correctly then they win the amount of points that have been clocked up in the bonus bank.

By the end of the game, the contestant with the most points in the bank gets the chance to go onto the final round, the "Super CatchPhrase" where a grid of 25 lettered squares are used. This round consists of the rules that the contestant must select a square and work their way across the screen from left to right, correctly guessing the catchphrases under each letter. If they succeed, they win the grand prize but if they lose they don't go away empty-handed, they get to take the amount of points they cash.

Genre: Game Show

Production Year: 2012

3/5 Stars

When is Catchphrase next on TV?

It's next showing on ITV1 Anglia Tomorrow, 6:00am and on ITV1 Anglia HD Tomorrow, 6:00am. See more...

Main Cast

Stephen Mulhern
Geraldine Dowd
David Reilly
Image for Tim HealyTim Healy
Image for Michelle CollinsMichelle Collins
Image for John ThomsonJohn Thomson
Image for Fay RipleyFay Ripley
Linda Robson
Image for Lynda BaronLynda Baron
Danny John-Jules
Robert Llewellyn
Image for Warwick DavisWarwick Davis
Image for Christopher BigginsChristopher Biggins
Image for Steve PembertonSteve Pemberton
Image for Reece ShearsmithReece Shearsmith
Image for Larry LambLarry Lamb
Image for Adrian EdmondsonAdrian Edmondson
Dean Gaffney
Amanda Abbington
Image for Bob MortimerBob Mortimer


Image for Stephen MulherneStephen Mulherne...Presenter