Airmageddon is a Game Show programme.



Drone-based game show. The roles have been reversed in this special edition of Airmageddon as the dads of our heroic aviators tackle the aerial challenges that their kids so expertly overcame before them! Will our OAPs (Old Age Pilots) live up to the dizzy aviation heights of their offspring or will they crash and burn under the pressure in the Airena! In order to be crowned champs they have to take on the huge aerial Airsault Course, pop it like it's hot in Barrage Balloons and zap their way to victory in the advanced laser battle that is the Dogfight. But who's the daddy of the daddies? Find out on brand new Airmageddon- Dad-mageddon.

Genre: Game Show

Running Time: 30 minutes (approx)

When is Airmageddon next on TV?

It's next showing on CBBC December 18th, 10:05am and on CBBC December 27th, 1:25pm. See more...